Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference 2017(mini-symposium) 会议信息
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20 November, 2016


Dear Colleagues,


We are organizing the mini-symposium (MS 43) entitled “Damage modelling of engineering structures: from localized cracking to structural collapse” for Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference 2017 (EMI 2017) to be held in San Diego, California, USA, during June 4-7, 2017.


Starting with localized cracking and ending with structural collapse, the progressive failure of engineering structures is usually governed by damage evolution in different levels. To this end, theoretical models and numerical methods for predicting the damage behavior of structures play increasingly important roles in the design of structures, although their current status lag far behind engineering practices. This mini-symposium aims to promote collaborations among academic researchers and industrial engineers in developing and applying damage models and related numerical methods to the prediction of nonlinear behavior of engineering structures.


Due to your expertise in this area, we cordially invite you to present your ideas and research outcome in this mini-symposium. Deadline for submission of abstracts is January 1, 2017. Abstracts must be submitted through the conference website:


We are looking forward to your contributions.


Jie Li - Tongji University

Xiaodan Ren - Tongji University

Jianying Wu - South China University of Technology