Recent Advances of Interactions between fluid and marine sediments
2016-12-19 08:07     (点击: )
       报告题目:R ecent Advances of Interactions between fluid and marine sediments
       报告人: Professor Dong-Sheng Jeng
                        Griffith School of Engineering, Griffith University, Australia
        报告简介: Recently, significant efforts have been devoted to the pore pressures and stresses in marine sediments subject to dynamic loading including wave, currents and earthquakes, due to the growing activities in offshore areas. A better understanding of fluid-seabed interaction or fluid-seabed-structure interaction will provide a more precise prediction of the physical processes and deign of marine infrastructures. In this seminar, the speaker will outline the recent advances in the fluid-seabed interactions with its applications around marine infrastructures.  First, several new approaches for the wave(current)-induced pore pressures accumulation in marine sediment and coupling/integrated model will be introduced. This include new definition of source term for residual pore pressure, which will have an impact to the liquefaction in a porous seabed. The effects of other dynamic loading will be discussed.  The second phase of the presentation will cover the possible applications of the fluid-seabed-structure interactions for the cases with marine infrastructures such as breakwaters, pipelines & offshore wind turbine foundations etc. Numerous work will be outlined in this phase.   Finally, some research scopes for future study will be outlined.

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