Information Technology Integration in Construction Project Life Cycle
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BIM研究与工程应用班 系列活动-讲座

题目:Information Technology Integration in Construction Project Life Cycle

主讲人:Rui Liu. Assistant Professor, University of Florida

时间:2016年12月26日 下午14:30--16:30



Dr Rui Liu is an Assistant Professor at School of Construction Management, College of Design, Construction and Planning, University of Florida. Prior to this appointment, Dr Liu was Assistant Professor at Department of Construction Science, The University of Texas at San Antonio (2012-2016). Dr Liu won 2015 Best Paper Award in Journal of Construction Engineering and Management (ASCE), and Outstanding Presentation in the 1st International Shanghai “Global BIM” Summit (2015). Dr Liu is the Co-Chair of Alamo BIM Peer Group, Member of SOCIETY BETA GAMMA SIGMA and Associate Member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) VIMS (Visualization, Information Modeling, and Simulation) Committee.

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