Seismic Behavior of Glass FRP Wall Panels With and Without Water
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报告题目:Seismic Behavior of Glass FRP Wall Panels With and Without Water

人:Dr. An ChenAssistant Professor, Iowa State University


报告地点:综合实验3号楼 三楼会议室



Glass FRP (GFRP) panels have been used for structural applications due to their advantages of lightweight, corrosion resistance and construction-easiness. This presentation reports their seismic performances, based on combined shaking table tests and finite element (FE) modeling. There are two parts in this presentation. The first part is focused on the GFRP wall panel without water. A GFRP wall panel was tested on a shaking table subjected to harmonic base motions with frequencies ranging from 10 to 15 Hz. A mass that was twice of the panel’s self-weight was attached to the top of the panel to simulate its supported seismic weight. The panel remained undamaged under a peak base acceleration of 3.5g. Numerical simulation was conducted in Abaqus using Rayleigh damping for comparison with the test results. Good correlations in natural frequency and other dynamic responses were achieved. This research shows good potential of using GFRP panels as seismic-resistant structural members.

The second part is focused on the GFRP wall panel filled with water. Adding water to hollow cells of the GFRP wall panel makes it possible to function as a Tuned Liquid Wall Damper to mitigate multi-hazards, e.g., wind or earthquake. All cells inside the GFRP panel are connected at the bottom, allowing water to move through. The damping force can be provided by the head loss of the water that flows through orifices between the cells. Shaking table tests on the GFRP panel wall filled with various amount of water under two different ground excitation motions were conducted. Test results show that the vibration caused by the ground motion can be averagely reduced by 13% due to the damping effect provided by the GFRP wall panel. Therefore, it is promising to use the GFRP wall panel as a load carrying member and Tuned Liquid Wall Damper.



Dr. An Chen is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at Iowa State University. His research is focused on advanced materials, including Fiber-reinforced Polymer (FRP), high performance concrete, steel, and timber for building and bridge applications. His research has been supported by NSF, DOE, NCHRP, State DOTs, etc., with a total amount more than $2 million US dollars. Dr. Chen has published one book, 29 journal publications, and more than 30 conference papers. He is the Vice Chair of Committee on Advanced Materials and Structures-ASCE Aerospace Division, Session Chair for many international conferences, member of several professional societies, and reviewer for about 20 international journals. 


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