Dr. Xiaolong Geng, University of Delaware, US
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报告题目:Coastal groundwater dynamics and its implications on nearshore oil pollution

报告人: Dr. Xiaolong Geng, University of Delaware, US



报告摘要:Abstract:Oil release from the Deepwater Horizon accident has been recognized to cause severe contamination of the Gulf of Mexico’s beaches. Although major efforts are commonly placed on removing the maximum possible amount of oil using physical means, oil would still persist in the beaches at residual amounts. The ultimate fate of the residual oil depends on microorganism mediated oil degradation, so-called biodegradation. Microorganisms require both electron acceptor (mostly oxygen) and nutrient (primarily nitrogen and phosphorus) to consume oil. Tidally influenced beaches are highly dynamics, and tide actions induce a complex mixing between water emanating from inland sources and that emanating from the sea. However, effects of coastal groundwater dynamics on fate of oil spill residuals are poorly understood. In this contribution, a combined field and modeling study was conducted on the Gulf beaches. Patterns of groundwater flow and solute transport were investigated under different oceanic conditions; biodegradation of oil spill residuals and potential bioremediation strategies were explored. Our study revealed different limiting factors affect different portions of the beach, which leads to different oil removal efficiency of bioremediation treatments.

报告人简介:Xiaolong Geng, Ph.D. in environmental engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, now is a research scientist in College of Earth, Ocean and Environment, University of Delaware. His major research is on coastal groundwater dynamics and solute transport processes. The major projects he involved in U.S. are Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Exxon Valdez oil spill and their environmental impacts on coastal regions (Two worst spills in U.S. history). He has published 27 peer-reviewed papers in his research fields and serves as a reviewer for 10 international journals.



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